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Featured Coordinator: Joy Squires

Joy SquiresEach Year the MCC Staff asks for nominations to select a Coordinator of the Year. Some of the qualifications we look for are: use of campaign best practices, leadership among peers, positive attitude and philanthropic spirit, as well as overall dedication and commitment to the campaign. Many great candidates were named; however we’re only able to choose one. This year the award went to Joy N. Squires from the Maryland State Police. >> more


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How to Live a Happy Life in the Age of Smartphones and Facebook.


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How to Conduct a Leadership Campaign

A Leadership Campaign is a great opportunity to gather, thank and ask for both the continued and increased support of past Leadership Givers. It is also a chance to identify and cultivate new lead gifts from more coworkers.

Steps to Success:

Recruit a Campaign Leadership Chair and Team.

  • Select a Leadership Chair who is responsible for soliciting gifts of $500 or more.  Generally a management figure, this individual should be a committed Leadership Giver.
  • Select an in-house Leadership Campaign Team large enough to allow for a personal visit to every member of management. Select executives who carry the respect of their colleagues and can be an asset to the solicitation process.

 2. Conduct a Leadership Campaign Team Meeting.

  • Educate your team about the impact the Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC) has in their community.
  • Explain the steps needed to run an effective Leadership Campaign.
  • Develop a Leadership Campaign plan.

3. Determine Whom to Solicit as Part of the Leadership Campaign.

  • Identify past Leadership Givers.
  • Identify potential Leadership Givers by examining employee compensation and/or position within your department.

4. Prepare Leadership Pledge Materials.

  • Write personal letters of invitation from the Leadership Chair to past and potential employees.
  • Send out general invitation to all employees via e-mail, memo or letter.
  • Ask past Leadership Givers to wear their lapel pins.

5. Host a Leadership Event (i.e. meeting, breakfast, luncheon or reception).

  • Ask the Secretary to host an intimate function or a larger event.  Send a formal invitation from the Secretary and encourage invitees to bring a guest.
  • Open with the Secretary’s personal endorsement.
  • Educate.  Show the MCC video.  Have a representative from a charity make a presentation.  Invite a member of MCC staff to say a few words.
  • Distribute Leadership packets including a personalized letter endorsed by the Secretary, the leadership brochure, and pledge forms.  Include data on what Leadership Level Giving can provide to the community.
  • Make the “ask” at the end of the event:  ask for new donors; ask for increased gifts from existing donors.
  • Thank donors and potential donors.
  • Follow-up with individuals who were not in attendance.

6. Follow Up Until Each Pledge Form is Received.

  • Distribute a pledge reminder letter, postcard and/or e-mail.  This allows the Department to announce dollars raised to-date by the Leadership Team.

7. Thank Your Contributors.

  • Send a thank you note or letter to Leadership Donors and members of the Leadership Team endorsed by the Secretary.
  • Host a reception to acknowledge and thank all Leadership Donors.

8. Let MCC Recognize Your Leadership Givers.

  • MCC will provide a sample letter of thanks and a certificate acknowledging their generosity.  Directly communicate the impact of their contribution.  Ask of Donors would like to be acknowledged on the MCC Web site.  MCC will feature outcomes and success stories, etc. (visit our website) throughout the year.

Do you now why most people don’t give to MCC?

It’s because they weren’t asked! Not everyone will be able to attend the Leadership event, so it’s important to follow up with employees. Although it can be difficult to ask your colleagues for a gift, especially to increase their support, remember: people feel good about helping others.  As your colleagues better understand the work of MCC and how their contributions impact the community, they become more generous!


2013 Coordinator Training Location
MCC staff are happy to come to your offices and do in-house coordinator training. Just let your Loaned Executive know and we will provide the training and any training materials you need.