Frequently Asked Questions

How do employee transfers within the state department effect pledge deductions?

If an employee changes departments during the year, central payroll will not make any further deductions unless a request is made by the donor. If you transfer please call Maryland Charity Campaign at (410) 895-1493 to make this request.

How much money did the Maryland Charity Campaign raise last year?

In 2011, the Maryland Charity Campaign raised $3,473,626.

Who administers the Maryland Charity Campaign?

The Governor Chairs and the Lt. Governor Co-Chairs the campaign. The Secretary of State administers the campaign for the Governor, and the Charitable Organizations Division of the Office of the Secretary of State is responsible for carrying out the duties specified in the Executive Order.

The United Way of Central Maryland is under contract to the Secretary of State's Office to plan and implement the campaign in a manner consistent with the Executive Order. Some of the services provided by UWCM are to train Loaned Executives and Coordinators, to provide necessary printed materials including the Agency Directory and pledge cards, plan the "Kick-Offs" and "Thank You" events and distribute designated funds to the certified agencies.

The Governor selects an Assistant Chair and an Assistant Vice Chair. The Assistant Chair for the 2012 Campaign is Dominick E. Murray, Secretary of Department of Business and Econimic Development.  The Assistant Vice Chair for the 2012 Campaign is Gloria G. Lawlah, Secretary of Maryland Department of Aging.

What is a Federation?

A federation is a group of voluntary charitable human, health and welfare agencies established to supply common fundraising, administrative and management services to its members. If you wish to designate all, or a portion of your contribution to a federation, please record that federation's corresponding code number.

Why does my credit card gift to the Maryland Charity Campaign show up on my bill as United Way of Central Maryland (UWCM)?

United Way of Central Maryland manages the Maryland Charity Campaign under a contract with the Office of the Secretary of State. United Way of Central Maryland is the primary processor with a credit card company so that we can offer the option of giving by credit card to several campaigns we manage. Your gift is credited to a separate account for the Maryland Charity Campaign but only the primary processor can be listed on credit card bills.

Does the Maryland Charity Campaign set a quota on contributions to larger charities or redirect contributions to smaller charities?

Recently, several people have asked whether the Maryland Charity Campaign sets a quota on contributions to larger charities or redirects contributions to smaller charities. The Office of the Secretary of State oversees the Maryland Charity Campaign and sets strict regulations. There are no pre-set quotas for contributions to larger charities. All contributions designated to a particular charity go to that charity.

The only contributions put in a Maryland Charity Campaign general fund are those where a contributor fails to name a charity. For instance, some employees do not identify a charity code on their pledge forms. When this happens, the total amount of undesignated contributions is distributed to all charities in the booklet based on the percentage of designated contributions each charity receives during the campaign. Another way of putting this is, if the Maryland Charity Campaign raised 3 million dollars from designated funds and the American Red Cross received 10% of that designated 3 million, then the American Red Cross would receive 10% of the undesignated dollars.

All collected donations less administrative costs (under 12.5% in 2011) are fully paid to charities. As explained above, the charities also receive a portion of the undesignated fund.

After the campaign ends in November, the Maryland Charity Campaign sends a notification letter by end of March to each agency informing them how much they can expect to receive that year. The agency also receives a donor listing of everyone who requested to have their names sent to the charities they supported. Maryland Charity Campaign payments are sent monthly to the charities.

What are the administrative costs of the Maryland Charity Campaign?

The Office of the Secretary of State oversees the campaign's administrative costs, which were 14% for the 2012 campaign. These costs are for printing and designing campaign materials, training and supervising volunteers, and processing and auditing contributions. Because Maryland Charity Campaign's overhead is so low compared to other fundraising campaigns, more of every dollar you pledge goes a long way toward helping others.

Important Tax Information

A state employee who makes a one-time (cash, check, or money order) gift will receive an acknowledgement of their gift by January 31, 2014 A state employee who makes a gift through payroll deduction collected during 2014 should keep the tear-off from the bottom of the pledge card which, along with their pay stubs, show the amount withheld for their contribution. These acknowledgements will satisfy the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirement for substantiation of a charitable gift.