How Can I Donate?

The quickest way to Donate is by clicking the “Donate Now” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Here, you can conveniently donate through credit/debit card, electronic check, and payroll deduction. Our online system is secured and monitored to ensure all your information is safe.

Each state agency has at least one campaign coordinator. A campaign coordinator is the person responsible for distributing the pledge cards and brochures to state employees and personally asking each employee to become an MCC donor.

Contributions may be made to the Maryland Charity Campaign by cash, check, credit card or with the convenience of payroll deduction. With payroll deduction, an amount is withheld from each pay and your gift is spread out over the entire year. Many contributors find that by contributing the cost of a soda each day, they can make a great impact on the community and it doesn't hurt their wallets.

If you have not received your pledge card, please see your campaign coordinator or call the MCC headquarters at 410-895-1493.