Trainings and Kickoffs

2013 Coordinator Trainings and Kickoff Schedule

Some highlights from the 2011 Campaign!


During a Maryland Charity Campaign Event, agency executives participated in a tie cutting fundraiser to raise money for local charities.

Channel 13’s Stan Saunders stopped by to support MDOT’s Maryland Charity Campaign Kickoff Event.


Local news personality, Stan Saunders shared a hug with one of MDOT’s employees during their Maryland Charity Campaign Kick Off event.

Tina Williams and Tara Gray (members of the MCC committee at SDAT) pose in front of an informative bulletin board at SDAT’s Maryland Charity Campaign  Kick-Off Bake sale & flea market.


Speaker Christina Kirkley from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) foundation passionately speaks on her experience helping those suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease at SDAT’s Maryland Charity Campaign Kickoff event.

Speakers Erin & Leif Webb Ritter, from the Casey Cares Foundation, take a moment to pose for the camera after speaking on the wonderful work Casey Cares is able to do with the generous donations received through the Maryland Charity Campaign


A silent auction held at the Office of Administrative Hearing is set up and awaiting bidders to benefit the Maryland Charity Campaign. Items were donated by, and bidded on by staff members with open hearts and open checkbooks!

Office of Administrative Hearing employees try to guess colleague’s baby pictures while waiting for the silent auction to begin in benefit of the Maryland Charity Campaign.


Bidders at DGS browse silent auction items set up to benefit the Maryland Charity Campaign.

DGS employees get into the spirit during a chili cook-off where the proceeds benefit the Maryland Charity Campaign.


Yard sale items are gathered at DGS for one of their many Maryland Charity Campaign fundraising events!

Beautiful donated earrings are displayed during a fundraising event put on by DGS where proceeds helped benefit the Maryland Charity Campaign.


A sale is made! Items donated and purchased by state employees help raise thousands of dollars every year for the Maryland Charity Campaign.