Why Should I Contribute to the MCC?

1. The Maryland Charity Campaign provides you with the opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of those in need; to sustain local, state, national and international health, educational, environmental and human service organizations; and to make a meaningful contribution to your community.

2. The Maryland Charity Campaign asks once: State employees and retirees may contribute to charitable organizations in an orderly and uniform process through one annual campaign.

3. The Maryland Charity Campaign is targeted: You choose the amount and the charity or charities to receive your gift.

4. The Maryland Charity Campaign is accountable: All charities participating in the Maryland Charity Campaign have been pre-screened to insure that they are fiscally sound and that they perform the services stated.

5. The Maryland Charity Campaign is tax deductible: You get a record of your payroll deduction every payday.

6. The Maryland Charity Campaign is easy: You choose between regular payroll deduction and/or a one-time gift by cash, check or credit card.

7. The Maryland Charity Campaign is effective: 86% of your designated contribution goes to the charity or charities stated. Our administrative fee is small compared to other non-profits. We are working hard to reduce it further.

8. Your contribution is "matched": A percent of each undesignated (or general pool) contribution will also go to your charity of choice, based upon the designated contributions the charity receives. These could be considered matching funds and increases the power of your contribution.

9. The Maryland Charity Campaign makes a difference: The community-at-large can identify the commitment of State employees, knowing that they are improving the quality of life for all Marylanders.